Max Weinberg (Drummer with Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band) - "Josh Taerk is the most exciting new talent I have come across in years. He blew me away with his presentation and song writing abilities. I've known, and played with, a few singer/songwriters in my time, and I can tell you-Josh Taerk has what it takes"

John Oates (Hall & Oates) - "I've enjoyed getting to know Josh Taerk and his music over the last few years and knew that Nashville would be the place where he could make this album really come alive. I think it is Josh's best work to date"

Pop-Culturalist - “When we last spoke with Pop-Culturalist fave Josh Taerk, he had just released Beautiful Tragedy. It was one of the best albums of the year.” (03/19/2019)

HiFi News - “A Formidable piece of work.” (09/28/18)

Essentially Pop - “Taerk’s passion pours into his lyrics, they’re heartfelt and complex, and it’s this which makes it difficult to choose a favourite song on the album.” (08/25/18)

Get Ready To ROCK! - "Damn near perfect pop/rock meets country." (08/07/18)

Lyrically Speaking - "The audience could feel the passion and enthusiasm Josh puts into his can instantly tell that he has a large and confident presence onstage." (01/15/18)

The Bournemouth Echo - "Rising star hailed as the new boss." (01/08/18)

AXS - "Taerk is soon-to-please again with his new EP Stages, out today." (10/20/17)

No Depression - "Josh Taerk hits a home run with new video for 'Learning To Let Go'." (10/04/17) 

Dancing About Architecture - "Stadium rock for the young and hip." (09/02/17)

Kurrent Music - "He brings another delightful and enticing song to the mix...the new track helps to make Taerk a name to remember." (08/04/17)

Modern Mystery - "Josh Taerk does it again with another new single in tow, “Learning to Let Go.” The brilliant new single is available digitally, everywhere." (08/04/17)

Paste Magazine - "Makes anybody want to drive their car with their windows rolled down." (06/23/17)

No Depression - "With its melodic hook, you’ll be hooked on ‘Rock n Roll On’." (06/28/17)

Modern Mystery - "This track is the ultimate road trip song." (06/23/17)

Kurrent Music - "Rock n Roll On, is the perfect song for your summer." (07/07/17)

Sleeping Bag Studios - "Josh is gaining some major traction out there for his efforts! Have a listen to several reasons as to why that is." (07/12/17)

Jim Williams 103.9 FM KSNO - "It’s in the grooves. You’ve got Hit Single written on each one of these." (12/28/16)

Get Ready To ROCK! - "He shows he can perform just as well live as on record." (06/08/15)


Beautiful Tragedy

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